OTS Applications

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Don't reinvent the wheel. Let WRS find and install the right software for your business.

Custom Solutions

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Sometimes your business is so unique, only custom software will do. WRS can build it for you.

Interactive Web Pages

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WRS can quickly and affordably create the perfect web app to leverage the power of the Internet.

Applications That Make Sense

Back office software isn't sexy - but its where the power of Information Technology really shows its stuff. Whether is accounting, contact and customer relationship management, or inventory processing software, these systems can help you differentiate your business by allowing you to more quickly service your customers, track critical business functions, and improve profitability.

WRS has the expertise and resources to analyze critical business processes and tailor fit an applications for your company. We specialize in both OTS (Off-the-Shelf) applications, such as Zoho CRM, Open Bravo, and Joomla, and in developing custom applications tailored to fit your businesses unique environment. Our understanding and expertise goes beyond just installing software - we can thread these applications into your business workflow so that you better leverage your investment.

Contact us today about a Free Evaluation that can reveal how we can find the right software solution to fit your business' demanding requirements.

Off-the-shelf Software

Regardless of the line of business you're in, there has probably been countless software package developed to handle it - some good and some, well, not so good. WRS has been deploying these products in Orange and Los Angeles counties for over 30 years for businesses large and small.

The key to successfully implementing "Off-the-shelf" (OTS) software is effectively identifying the key, critical factors such as your business processes, business model, and budget, that uniquely identify your company and closely matching them to the products available on the market.

One of our unique skills sets is the ability to analyze your business and develop specific business requirements. Our other key skill set is an intimate knowledge of the Open Source OTS software marketplace. By marrying these skills, we are able to match your business requirements to the best possible OTS system available. Some examples:

ERP/Finance: Open Bravo, Compiere & ADempiere, Mas/2000,

CRM: Compiere CRM, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM

CMS: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress

Project Management: Redmine, jxProject, TRAC & ProjectPier Appliances

These are but a few - the list is as long as the possibilities. The bottom line is, you don't want to buy just software - you want a business solution. Contact us now about a Free Evaluation that can show you how we can jump-start your business with OTS Software.

Custom Developed Software Solutions

No matter what your business model, there are going to be instances where no commercial or standard OTS software solution is going to fit the bill; only a custom designed solution will do. Fear not - WRS to the rescue. We have the tools and experience at our disposal to quickly and affordably create a solution thats just right for you..

Our "best practices" business analysis techniques, combined with our Rapid Development tools and Agile project management approach, allows WRS to quickly and effectively develop the specific application you need in a fraction of the time of others.

Do you have a unique business model that's either defied OTS solutions, or have received bids to develop a scratch system that seem astronomical? Contact us now for a Free Evaluation and see just how affordable a custom solution from WRS can be.

Interactive Web Pages

One area of development that has defied implementation in the Small Business world is custom designed interactive Web pages. Without getting too technical, an interactive web page is one where your users can "interact" with your company through your Web site. Typically, providers are able to create simple customer information forms that interact with your email system and not much beyond that.

WRS, on the other hand, can create complex web-oriented sites that can interact with your database, retain customer preferences and otherwise provide functionality similar to applications you use in house.

A simple example: WRS created a custom repair invoicing system for a client that needed to be able to replicate a number of the systems features in the field. Field agents needed to be able to access a clients invoice and payment history, create a new invoice in the field, and access the parts database to check on availability. Taking the desktop system out on the laptop wasn't an option because all of the data needed to be interactive and "real time."

The solution? WRS create a series of interactive web pages that allowed the field agent to perform these same functions in real time while at the customer site. The final application could be run from a PC, laptop, or even a Blackberry, iPhone or other SmartPhone..

There is no limit to the applications for this type of development, and it can be done at a price far more modest than you might guess. Get a Free Evaluation of your business systems for ideas on how you can leverage the Web.

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