Pocket CIO

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Large corporations have a Chief Information Officer managing their IT efforts - now you can too.

Project Management Toolbox

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With Certified Project Managers on staff, we can show you and your staff how to achieve reliable results.

IT Infrastructure Management

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Servers, Networks, Security, Desktops, and Vitalization - WRS can solve problems big and small..

Web Resource Solutions - Your personal IT Management team

Large companies employ specialized management teams that focus solely on maintaining and improving their IT infrastructure, conducting strategic planning, and connecting their business to their IT functions. Typically, this effort is led by IT Executives who have a broad understanding of both business and technology and are expert at extracting value from every IT dollar budgeted.

Unfortunately, Small Businesses and even many Medium-sized firms can't afford to hire this level of talent to guide their technology efforts - until now. WRS provides strategic guidance to its clients by providing hands-on IT executive experience. Our principle has served as Director, CIO, and Vice-President of information Technology for a host of companies and brings over the past 30 years IT experience to the table.

Working with companies like Transamerica, Nissan, Hyundai, and Heinz, to name a few, WRS has developed a deep understanding of what constitutes "best practices" in the IT arena. But large corporation experience is only a part of the story. Having also led the IT efforts for numerous start-ups, dot.coms, and very small concerns, we also bring a deep understanding of the realities of Small Businesses.

WRS can provide the leadership your company needs to create a true IT strategy and to leverage its investment in technology to the fullest. Let us show how with a Free Evaluation.

Pocket CIO

The Chief Information Officer in major corporations is charged with developing the company's technology strategy. Strategic thinking requires a deep understanding of both technology and business, as well as the direction the company what's to take. The CIO also selects technology products, designs and implements infrastructure, and hires and manages IT staff.

Now, even the smallest companies can take advantage of these services buy utilizing WRS' "Pocket CIO" program. We will analyze your business, help you develop strategic plans for your technology, help you hire and manage staff, and ensure that your IT effort incorporates industry "best practices.

Examples of areas where the Pocket CIO can help are:

  • Security
  • Data Retention, Backup, and Recovery
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Personnel Evaluation, Hiring, and Management
  • Infrastructure Design & Maintenance

WRS specializes in providing quality technology guidance and in assisting its client in getting the most for their IT dollar. And, its more affordable than you might believe. Let us conduct a Free Evaluation and show you how you can develop a large-corporation IT approach on a Small Business budget.

Project Management

Projects drive progress. Studies have shown that project-driven companies are out-performing their competition at all levels, regardless of the size of the company. Projects are nothing more than strategy put into practice - successful project management is vital if your company is going to grow and thrive.

WRS can provide you with a "Project Management Toolbox," custom designed for your company, that can help you manage your company's project portfolio. Contact us for a Free Evaluation and let us show you how to start getting things done now.

IT Infrastructure Management

Technology infrastructure is often the most vexing component of the Information Technology equation. Servers go up and down, desktops lock up, networks and Internet connections come and go, and software seems to be unreliable and "flaky." Certainly, once you become dependent on technology to keep your company running, outages and unreliability can be a true threat to your company's functioning properly.

While no one can guarantee 100% up-time, there are certain strategies that can mitigate their frequency and impact and at the same time, avoiding the over-buying of technology as a defense mechanism, which can prove costly and difficult to manage.

WRS can show how to inexpensively implement corporate-quality infrastructure components that are hardy yet affordable. When things do go wrong, WRS has the expertise to isolate problems quickly and intervene to get you back online in short order.

WRS has the tools and expertise to elevate your manage your business's technology effectively and affordably. Signup for a Free Evaluation and let WRS show you how to leverage your IT investment to maximum benefit.

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